Computer Chair Mat

Computer Chair Mat

A computer chair mat is usually a polycarbonate, rubber or some other padded, strong composite which is located below a desk and underneath the feet of a computer chair. Chair wheels can ruin floors, frequently ruining carpeting or damaging floor tiles. A chair mat resolves these kinds of issues and enables the chair to move easily. In addition, it reduces the risk of personal injury to the spine, hips, and knees.

These types of mats are available from Cleartex and are available in varied sizes and shapes, and can cover any space especially the tricky one like U shaped or even L shaped tables. Round and custom made designs may also be purchased. See-through mats allow the carpet quality as well as the appearance to show through, whilst concealing virtually all marks the chair makes upon the mat. Walnut and pine mats can be purchased for senior management desks. Anti static mats offer protection within labs as well as in electrical settings and padded anti fatigue mats work extremely well wherever individuals have to do any amount of standing on their feet, for example in policed and office reception locations. A chair mat generally features rubberized grippers on the underneath to stop it from moving around. The mats are available in different dimensions, specifically 90cm x120cm, 100cm x 120cm and 120cm x 134cm.

FloordirektPRO computer chair mats are available for the office with the bigger budget. These types of mats are available in individual square shaped mats or conventionally designed mats. The colours available are pine, walnut, oak, cherry, and grey. You should select a heavier mat over the slimmer one and get a mat with angled borders. It is advisable to calculate the area in which the mat is going to be employed, the actual width regarding the area below the table or work-station, width of seat feet and the spectrum associated with the chair movement. A consistent maintenance routine must be retained with regard to ensure the computer chair mat lasts a long time.

I find that the wheels on my computer chair pick up fluff and bits of fine grit, which then sticks to the wheels and either jams them so they scrape along the wooden floor or after a while transfer these balls of fluff and dirt back to the floor and are a real nuisance to clean up. So, I have my eye on the Flootex clear vinyl mat which I think will be nice and discrete and will protect my floor.

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